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About us

 Hello! KT Web and Graphic Design is made up of two awesome coders who want to make a difference for your business!
  I’m Keisha, the K in KT. lol Graphic Design is where it all started for me. I took a Commercial Graphic Design class for three years, which is where I found my love for all things art. How I got here is really what you want to know, right? Well, I had a few career changes, I was offered to learn how to code at the current job I hold. I thought sure why not learn something new. Little did I know that I would enjoy Coding/Web Design so much! The ability to take what I learned through Graphic Design and pair it with making an awesome looking website. Now that's what dreams are made of.
 The T in KT is for Tom the head web developer. I have enjoyed many years working on and with computers. As with many things in life, just when you think you know what the future holds, it takes a left turn out of nowhere. Such happened to me. I had 25 year in the copier industry when there were cutbacks. I went back to school for Web Design and I fell in love with coding. My first job was where I met Keisha. We found we loved coding and to creating websites. We both love to learn, and we continue to take classes to stay up with new technology.

What we can do

-Web Design: Whether it is a one page simple website or a 60 page with a store included.
-Graphic Design Projects: Business cards, Graphics for prints.
-Illustrator Design: Vector Logos, Book covers, DVD/CD case covers.

What we can offer you!

Our hard work! Yes, hard, honest work we can offer you!
We will do our absolute best to produce quality product for you and your business. Customer satisfaction is our goal.